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CCS In the Spotlight with Tax Intern, Rachel Lee

August 31, 2020

My Internship Experience

Nervous, scared, worried, stress, excited summed up my first day at CCS. Although this is not my first internship, the tax internship proves to be a whole, new level; there were many tax technical concepts not taught by lecturers in school. 


Right after the half day orientation, I recalled how insecured and a tad of “information overload” I was, worried that I would not perform well. However, with the help of the experienced and approachable seniors and managers, I got used to the pace quickly and understood what is required of me to complete a task given to me.

My summer internship at CCS was really an eye-opening internship for me; CCS gave me the opportunity to experience what a fulfilling internship would be (see below) and I am very grateful for how my seniors have eased me into the internship effortlessly! I will always remember what my seniors said to me, “As an intern, I am here to learn and hence, I should not shy away from asking questions to aid in my learning or feel bad if I make a mistake –  enhancing my internship experience shall be my only responsibility”.

My peers have always painted the picture that tax is difficult to grasp, very mundane and routinely boring. Strangely, I find that it is the opposite! Being in the tax line require a tax professional to stay abreast of developments in the dynamic tax landscape, as it will have an impact on deliverables that we send to our clients. Tax work varies as well, from tax advisory to compliance, and across the various tax functions like corporate tax, individual tax, transfer pricing and GST.

Even though it was a relatively short 8 weeks tax internship, it was definitely a rewarding one. I have asked a lot of questions and learnt a lot during this period. Most importantly, it gives me a good insight of the “everyday-in-life” of a tax professional.


Buddy and Mentor System

Everyone is allocated a buddy (an associate or senior level) and a mentor (a manager or director level). My assigned buddy and mentor are very friendly, approachable and caring. With this system in place, it makes my learning process structured, yet easier to transit into my role.


Fulfillment as a Tax Intern

My biggest sense of achievement during my internship is whenever I know that my work has been approved by the manager or client. This would mean that I am heading in the right direction, picking up the correct technical skill-set.

Outside of work, I have also made friends through this internship experience and I am positive that we will keep in contact for a long time.


Advice for Future Interns

I think that it is really important to adopt a positive learning mindset and ask questions that complement the learning process. As I start building my technical skill-set, it is also when I start to take up more responsibilities and enrich my learning journey.



(In the Picture: Gathering some tips of advice from the Tax Directors after my presentation.)


Rachel Lee

Nanyang Technological University Undergraduate

Tax Intern at Complete Corporate Services Pte. Ltd.