Accounting & Bookkeeping

In Singapore, proper preparation and maintenance of accounting records is a key compliance requirement of ACRA and IRAS. Timely financial reports will also allow enable management to accurately access financial performance and make decisions that are critical to the success of the company.


Singapore companies are required to maintain proper bookkeeping records and accounting documents in accordance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). Our accounting services team will assist in preparing full sets of management accounts on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Through the use of Xero, our cloud-based accounting platform, you will now have access to your accounts anytime, anywhere.

Our accounting services include:

  1. Setting up the chart of accounts based on your business requirements
  2. Preparing full set of management accounts which includes:
    • Trial balance
    • Profit and loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • General ledger listing
    • Specific schedules to the balance sheet
    • Year-end audit schedules to the accounts
  3. Payment processing

Compilation report by a professional firm will give you the assurance that the information is compiled with the required technical competence and due care. Companies that are exempt from audit and filing requirement are still required to prepare a full set of financial statements including notes to the accounts and must be accompanied by the Directors’ Statement. We will assist in preparing financial statements in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards and Companies Act.

With effect from 2 December 2013, most companies would be required to file their financial statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) via new BizFinx system. XBRL is a reporting format which allows the system to read and analyse relevant financial data. We will assist in converting soft-copy financial statements into XBRL format as well as resolving genuine and possible errors detected by BizFinx system.

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