Puah Mei Pin
Director, Taxation Services & Head, Transfer Pricing

Mei Pin is a Director of Taxation Services at Complete Corporate Services (CCS) with more than 14 years of experience. She is well versed in Singapore income tax law and practice.

Mei Pin handles a wide spectrum of portfolio which includes multinational, local (including SMEs) and listed companies. These companies are in various industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, information technology and infrastructure, industrial manufacturing and trading, energy and resources, shipping as well as consumer products and services.

Mei Pin is well versed in Singapore income tax law and practice. She has advised companies on merger and acquisition deals (both sell-side and buy-side), corporate structuring (for inbound investments into Singapore) and restructuring, cross-border taxation matters and the use of double tax treaties. Besides that, she has also been involved in advisory assignments such as tax planning ideas, tax due diligence review as well as assisting entities to be listed on Exchanges. In addition, Mei Pin has extensive experience in dealing with the tax authorities to resolve complex tax audits/issues.

Mei Pin is a Non-practicing Singapore Chartered Accountant, ISCA as well as a Graduate and Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK.