Corporate Secretarial Services

All business in Singapore, whether in the form of companies, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships, partnerships or sole proprietorships need to comply with strict rules laid down by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Our wealth of experience, high degree of technical knowledge and understanding of up-to-date compliance requirements ensure specialised, effective and efficient care of both routine and extraordinary company matters.


Our corporate secretarial services include the following:

Under the Companies Act, every company must appoint a secretary, who is resident in Singapore, within 6 months of its incorporation. He/she will be held liable in certain situations when the company fails to meet their compliance requirements. In this respect, we will provide a qualified professional to act as a named secretary for your company.

With effect from 3 January 2016, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) will maintain the Register of Members of all private companies and the Register of Directors, Secretaries, Auditors and CEOs of all companies electronically. Besides updating these registers online, we also prepare and maintain the other physical registers and minutes book that are not kept by ACRA.

Upon your request, we will purchase the company’s latest business profile on your behalf and notify ACRA of any changes in the company’s particulars including directors and shareholders’ information.

To perform certain corporate actions, company resolutions will need to be passed in order for them to take effect. We will provide professional advice as well as prepare the necessary documentation for the passing of such resolutions in accordance with the company’s Constitution1.


*: For complex and non-routine transactions, please click here.
1: Previously known as the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

A company is required to hold an AGM within 18 months from its incorporation. Subsequent AGMs must be held every calendar year and within 15 months from the previous AGM. We will advise and prepare documents promptly to ensure that the company’s annual returns are filed on time2.
2: ACRA is empowered to debar any director or company secretary of a company that has persisted for a continuous period of 3 months or more to lodge any documents after the prescribed deadlines. A debarred person will not be allowed to take on any new appointment as a director or company secretary but will be allowed to continue with existing appointments.

  • Allotment of ordinary and/or preference shares
  • Transfer of shares between new and existing shareholders
  • Conversion and redemption of preference shares
  • Capital Reduction (with or without a court order)
  • Make amendments to the Constitution to suit the changing requirements of the company
  • Advise on practicality of proposed amendments and ensuring they do not contravene the Companies Act

One-stop shop solution whereby we arrange for your documents to be notarised and subsequently legalised by the specified country’s Embassy.

Prepare and file the necessary documents in relation to:

  • the application by a Company for its name to be struck off the register under Section 344A of the Companies Act; or
  • winding-up of a company by way of a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

Provide assistance on potential queries raised by IRAS and/or ACRA

  • Sole proprietorship to private company limited by shares
  • Private company limited by shares to limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Private companies limited by shares to public companies and vice versa
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