Electronic Polling / Scrutineer Services

All resolutions at general meetings of SGX-listed companies are required to be voted by poll. Our sophisticated electronic poll-voting system is suitable for poll-voting at general events of all sizes to facilitate efficient registration and deliver timely and accurate voting results. Our electronic poll-voting system can also be used for Creditors’ Meetings, MCST General Meetings, Clubs and Associations.

Aside from being able to act as a polling agent, we are also able to provide bundled rates for scrutineer services with our other partner firms.

We can also act as an independent scrutineer to ensure that you are in full compliance with the new regulatory requirements. The appointed scrutineer will ensure that voting procedures and processes are in place before the general meeting and check that voting rules are followed through.

For companies with low turn-outs for the general meetings, we also provide cost effective manual paper poll.

Shirley Lim
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